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From that day on, they set their eyes on sharing their love for burgers with the world. They believed that this love and passion for a patty and a bun would spread not only in Dubai but to the world.
Reversing the paradigm of importing burger brands from the USA to actually exporting Dubai's homegrown brand to major cities in the USA and the world.
The little (hole in the wall) hidden gem burger joint managed to capture hearts, minds, and stomachs. Growing by word of mouth and praises from food critics to major celebrity chefs in the city, High joint continues to win accolades and awards 
and being named on many sought-after lists as either best burger in town or within the top3.
From a small store with 2 cooks and 1 waiter, High Joint has grown over the last two years to encompass 5 locations in which it accommodates for dine-in, deliveries, and takeaway.

With over 15 years of experience making and tasting sandwiches and burgers around the world, three food-loving Emaratis gathered and started a burger revolution and explosion of flavors the city of Dubai has never seen before.

The story started with one of the owners (aka Dr H) researching and experimenting with every aspect of burger making, from the creation of the patties, baking the bread, mixing cheeses, to whipping the sauces and magic mixes.


This journey spanned over years, where he gained his reputation between family members and had annual gatherings of over 40 people (cooking for them single-handedly.)

At the begining of 2018, is when the three (H, M, and R) met in front of a very quirky and off-track location, next to a mosque
and your typical local group of shops (Afghani bakery, neighborhood grocery, and a barber shop).

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